This is a blog created for the Erasmus project

''Activity& Eating: Small Steps to a Healthier You''

The aim of our European project, and BME International Secondary Grammar School is to convince teen students to improve the quality of life, change knowledge and behaviors related to physical activity and promote healthy dietary practices.

Through this blog we would like to promote a healthy lifestyle, to have the students' voices heard, keep the work of the project team updated, and give a chance for everybody who is interested to express their opinion and suggestions on this subject.

2016. április 4., hétfő


On the last day before Easter holiday, our school, BME International Secondary Grammar School, had a great event. It is called International Day, it is a competition between the classes. The topic is always different year after year, this year they had to prepare for gastronomy, cultural, historical presentations of the Erasmus project countries.

We had a very good day, with big fun!

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